Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Miffy tagged me.

Salam everyone :)

After ages of no updates, finally feels like starting with something because writing have always been my favourite past-time. Stumbled upon Mif's site and just noticed she tagged me. Thanks Mif, for providing me with something fun. hehe. Miffy tagged me, so here goes nothing!;)

btw, meet MiF! :)
1. Five name that people called you

- zulaikha
-zu (this is out-of-use okay)

2.Five important dates in your life

-5th Oct
-20th June
-7th Feb
-19th May
-11th Nov

3.Five things you did yesterday

-drive Era home from school
-accompany Ayit on his mini shopping spree
-had tomyam for dinner
-conference call with almashoor peeps for the upcoming program
-made a phonecall

4.Five ways to be happy

- read God's soothing words
-"happify" others
- eat eat eat
- ignore negative thoughts (:
- play with kids

5.Five favourite movies

- pokkiri
- disney's
- penelope
- house
- documentaries (oh well this is not under movies)

6.Five favourite hobbies

-reading (though not so much anymore)
-travelling with family
-retail therapy, or in other words, shopping
-talking to someone i'm comfortable with
-driving :)

7.Five favourite people

-People who love me
-People I love
-People who remember me
-People who keep their promises
-People who knows how to deal with boring me.

8.Five favourite places for vacation

- Haramain, one day inshaAllah :)
- London (one year in Ireland and never been to london? oh so pathetic XD )
- Malaysia
- Palestine (but this doesn't fall under vacation right?)
- Places mama and abah had been to :)

9. Five reasons your answer the survey

-Miftah gemoks!
-Blog needs feeding
-Kill time
-It makes me think
-For fun!

10. Five persons to tag


And if you think answering surveys is lame and is just a waste of time, give it a go.