Thursday, April 22, 2010

ika penipu.

Don't know why, when mama passed the phone to abah, i get teary-eyed.
Maybe because suddenly their absence felt so significant.
Also maybe because the inside is fairly fragile at the moment.

kalau umur panjang, my short-term goal is to get on the flight to penang and see these two faces I love.
Dapat pahala okay tengok muka parents (dengan kasih sayang la) :)

p/s: btw, the title of the post is ika penipu sebab dia cakap dia xnak post apa2 until after exam. breach of contract. huh you big fat liar.


'aisyah ismail said...

insyaallah ika.

you are a very good daugter to them. moga jadi anak solehah. and may allah bless you and your family always. ;)

all the best sayang for your exam. have faith and insyaallah may He makes everything easy for u.

hugs n kisses,
aisyah ismail

zaid jasmin said...

homesick nye...dah beli tiket balik malaysia blom? how long u will be in Malaysia this coming summer?

aisyarazak said...

omg ikaaaaaaaaaa...

same gak. rindu family n cakap tanak buat new post until habis study/xm. tp breach the ctrct. =|


moga2 dipermudahkan semuanya n dapat balik jumpe family dgn selamatnya!~ amin

zulaikhazainol said...

thank you aisyah! you never fail in making me smile with your comments and visits to my humble blog. all the best to u juge! pray for me okay. huhu

menade homesick. acah je ni. haha
dah beli tiket, 3june, cuti 3 months until september inshaAllah.cant waittt!! :D

stujuuu!! lagi dekat flight date lagi x sabaaa. haha
all the best untuk exam okeh! :D