Saturday, March 20, 2010

When BOTH is what you want.

A person named Lahuma (ok this is random) want to buy shoes. So off he went to Clarks, and saw a really cool pair of shoes he really likes. But then again, he kept remembering a pair of shoes he saw back in his hometown Malaysia in the Bata store. Lahuma is on a tight budget, so he can't buy both. But he wants both of them badly.

Haha. Stupid analogy.

But the point is, in life, you'll reach a line where you have to choose and 'both' is not an option.

Make a choice, and don't choose both, because you'll end up hurting more than one heart.

Tu je nak cakap. Merepek lah Zulaikha ni.
*In the midst of deciding, hope He's with me along the way*


Mashmellow said...

smap.thats deep.which one did u choose?kalu bc blog kami, bolehla choose the road not taken.huhuh..kk..

eL CaLiph said...

wish we could have everything that we want.. ^^

nuriff said...

damnn.its hard to make a decision.
what you want is always what you need

nuriff said...

* is not

zulaikhazainol said...

mashmellow; the road's not taken is always the odd one kan ? :p

elcaliph; yup, wish i could have everything i want too, but sometimes He knows better :)

nuriff@mif; i knowww, kan kan. it's pretty hard especially when it involves others. huhu :(

Anonymous said...

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