Monday, March 08, 2010

The S-word.

The S-word, as you would have guessed, might be hard to convey sometimes. Let alone initiating that feel in our heart first before conveying. Thousands of thought-provoking bloggers might as well write about this, as it's a normal conflict we face in our daily lives. To say or not to say,


I find it difficult too. But remembering what one of my friend shared a longg time ago, I smiled alone thinking. It might be a very irrelevant analogy for some, and some might find it funny. But I always find it true. My friend once said,"

Uttering the word "sorry", is basically the same as if you were at the peak of going to the toilet. Because; You feel a strong urge to straightaway go, you feel incredibly relieved after doing so, and you have no memories whatsoever of how irritating and unpleasant it feels to keep it long in your tummy (I mean rectum) or bladder before you go to the toilet.

haha. such analogy.

I find it true as it seems to be exactly the same. What if everyone feels the sudden strong urge to quickly say sorry if you did something wrong. You'll feel relieved after apologizing, and every guilt you feel will be neutralized after that.

"And obey Allah and His Messenger and do not quarrel for then you will be weak in hearts and your power will depart, and be patient; surely Allah is with the patient." [8:46]

"...But forgive and overlook, Till Allah accomplish His purpose; for Allah Has power over all things."[2:109]

p/s: Btw, never ever leave our friends behind in whatever thing we do. Take the goods and put aside the bads. After a longgg strong friendship and times spent together, to not be friends and assuming they were not meant to be friends with us SIMPLY BECAUSE we are better than our friends; that would be the lamest and embarassing reason EVER. Love thy friends and don't take them for granted, ok?


'aisyah ismail said...

hihi. if kt cni.. diorg slalu kate.. don't say the S words.. dan sume orang akan merasakan S words tuh scara tbe22.. haha.. tau x pe S words ktorg??

STRESS huhu~

neway ika kat sana mmg x stress kan.. hihi.. take care dear.. til we meet again.



loadS of luv,
aisyah ismail :)

itana said...

sorry = maaf.

saya minta maaf zulaikha kalo ada wat salah kat anda :)

Atiqah Zainal said...

lagi2 part analogy tu..

atiqah pun minta maaf atas segala salah silap..

uhibbukifillah ya ukhti..(^_^)

sisfas said...

tibe2 nk menjengah. hee

best2 ika!
nk like boleh? hee

esp part analogy :D

zulaikhazainol said...

aisyah; haha tengah stress gak walaupun ucd uni yang lepak. :p exams frequent sgt uhhh =.='

itana@bashu; sama juga di sini :)

atiqah; maaf juge if ade wat salah tanpa disedari :)

seha;hehe xde button like macam fb :p
nak like blog seha jugak ;)

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