Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pandai ke?

I remembered when someone suddenly brought up the idea that being smart and being intelligent are two different things. (To that someone, you know who you are hehe =p)
I know this is lame but I looked in the dictionary and found that the meanings are almost the same.
So what really is the difference between those two?

I guess when we say smart, being smart in life in particular, that brings all the difference.And that when we say intelligent, it's all about the brains you have.

Cooking, driving, navigating, deciding, bargaining, communicating.
Those are part of the skills that made us smart in life. Smart to live I guess.
So being intelligent in studies, or at work, that does not ensure that we are smart enough to live, aite?

Now I know that all the A's and 7's and flying colours are not important when it comes to living.A system that destroys all the rare potentials in students all over the world. Haha.

As I watched my cousin of the same age drove the car smoothly and confidently, I know I had a long way to go.And as I watched my mom cooked all the wonderful dishes, I know I had a super duper longggg way to go.

Sometimes I feel like my brain is already filled with 13 years spent with books. But then I realized that I still fail to LIVE in some ways.

Maybe sebab tu orang cakap,

''"Ilmu yang kita miliki adalah terlampau sedikit jika dibanding
dengan ilmu ALLAH s.w.t ,ibarat setitis air di lautan yang luas.

p/s: Setitis air pun kalau minum tak hilang dahaga kot.


itana said...

ilmu kite sgt2 sikit. that`s why even rite now that we are in the mode of so-called 'cuti', learning never stops.

weh bile test jpj ko?? gudluck tau!

Aisyah Ismail =) said...

yeah jom belajar kemahiran hdup~

living skill maa hihi =)

F a r i z z a i d I said...

yea lah.
its different between
smart & intelligent

iman said...

ika, my classes starts this sunday..
haha.lambatnyeeee. the 8 hr one.

gdluck jugak test jpj eventho i dun knw when it it.

and have fun too in langkawi!


zulaikhazainol said...

to itana,
haha yup so true.
oit test aku xtau lg ble, instructor aku ckp aku cm kne ade xtra class
teruk kot aku bwk haha

to aisya,
yeah jom kembali ke zmn menengah rendah =p

to Farizzaidi,
yup.its different u know. =)

to iman,
gudluck on coping with the lectures! trust me, on the road lagi susahhh. i screwed up masa drive on the road haha.

my test lmbt lg jugak. but still i need the wish! (^o^)

+~Faiqah Hafidzah Halim~+ said...

ahha....berbeza dctu....
sile terime award anda ye di blog saye...:)

=====Hidayat===== said...

life is a learning process. you'll never be smart nor stupid.

But you are stupid,only if you think you are smart.

..hoho.. selamat memandu!

Rhazes said...

mmg super duper long

g belaja gih

Kodok said...

Do you know that all the knowledge in this world is to make us closer to Him? Show me a verse in the Quran that is difficult to understand.. That is how simple life should be and meant to be.. The creatures made life so complicated and often than not too proud to acknowledge the Creator..

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