Sunday, June 21, 2009

Langkawi with them.

17th June - 20th June
Them, I tell you, are the craziest lot on earth. 4 days were never
enough when we get together, right MO7FIANS?
I love everything about the trip!

I love the squashing in our rented car
I love island hopping with you guys
I love the food we shared,
Ikan Bakar. Tuna Spread. Baith's Milo Wafer.
I love the beaches we explored,
Beras Basah. Cenang. Pasir Tengkorak.
I love
the waterfalls we conquered,
Durian Berangin. Temurun. Telaga Tuju
I love the candles and lepak-ing at Pantai Cenang till midnight
I love the cable car high up to the pe
I love the hindustan song we screamed in the car
I love
the shopping, the jumping, the camwhorin
I love
the the swimming in Tasik Dayang Bunting. 10meter deep kot.

I love the bumpy boat we boarded
I love the scary bridge we crossed
I love all the fun

And above all, I love spending time with all of you. =)
Aisyah. Sarah. Ain. Miftah. Aizat. Ali. Baith. Khidir.

But I hate the part that some of our classmates were not with us. I wish all of us could join. Still, we do carry the memories of the other 14 of you who can't manage to join all the way to Langkawi tau. Afterall, M07F will never be complete without the 23 of us aite?

Thanks for the memories! (^o^) Love you guys to bits!


Fathul Aizat said...

planning another trip. hahaha

zulaikhazainol said...

yup2. i heard about the eurotrip. haha

Rhazes said...

trip to siam
so we can secretly marry each other