Friday, February 13, 2009

When they appear.

Now I know, absence makes the heart goes wayyyy fonder.

The family now shrinks.
Number One is still stranded in Banting. (KMB to be precise)
Number Two was recently stationed in Seremban.(SASER to be precise)

Which means Number Three and Number Four
are enjoying the time of their life back at the headquarters,
with no authority intervention from Number One and Number Two.
And under the watchful eyes of President 1 and President 2.

A reminder to Number Three and Number Four,
Number One and Number Two will be back
for a break from the mission (probably in March).
So just you wait.
Surrender your iPod and Nintendo DS.

Haha. Just missing those two pampered princesses.
And Mr. SASER, I wonder how's everything going on
since I've received zero updates from you?

p/s: Mama and Abah, your daughter here needs to be
brainwashed on her EE. Still the biggest procrastinator. =p
But don't worry, forcing herself to work like a dog now.
Final deadline's coming up! (^o^)