Sunday, February 22, 2009

all in a day's work

get to submit the final draft. a (positive) burden is lifted off.

get to know Abdullah bin Jahsy. One of our Prophet's companion. He was the one who conquered the first 'ghanimah' (harta rampasan perang) in Islam.

get to go swimming after all these years. glad that the skill still works.

get to meet Dalila, who came back from Indonesia for a 2-week holiday.

get to implement prepaid migration. bye maxis hello celcom.

get to watch a herd of sheep, live.

get to be back in time, free from being grounded.

get to start preparing for TOK presentation.

get to let go and stop busybodying.

get to start workin, baby!

so let's get this over with.


adlan wafi said...

i've just realized something...

remember u said that u were the biggest procrastinator??

i actually sent my EE later than yours ;)

zaid jasmin said...

get it over - IB.

zulaikhazainol said...

haha adlan, whatever it is, i bet we're in the same club. mesti the teachers dah letih to cope with our procrastinating skills!haha

zaid, less than 3 months, lepas tu babai IB! =P

itana said...

get to see the ba ba black sheeps alive!!!
so funny to watch it with ya!!
keep the memory alive~

iman said...

korang my advisor pun agaknya tak larat nk deal with my ee the other day.. :P

zulaikhazainol said...

haha bashu, i remembered how scary we are to the sheeps! =p

and yup iman, mesti our advisors dah muak with our drafts yang banyak haha

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