Sunday, September 21, 2008

Midnight zombies

Today the whole class went out. 21 of us. For a buka puasa at Alamanda, Putrajaya.


Today we watched a movie together.

(It’s Ramadhan I know. And this is not good so don’t follow)

Today so many conflicts occurred, which I believe will make us more united.
Today we had a stupid squabble over which movie to watch. I call it stupid coz everyone was ok after that. No point bickering anyway.

Today we played bowling together. It was fun and everyone enjoyed it.
Today we waited at the bus stop to get back to college.

Today the bus didn’t show up even though it was only 10.15 pm. The last bus normally arrived at 10.45pm.

Today we waited and waited until it was 12.00 am. Obviously, no buses will ever arrive as we’re the only group left at the bus stop.

Today, everyone played a ‘black magic’ game while waiting for the bus. The bus didn’t show up so everyone stopped playing and started to get worried.

Today, some suggested that we stay overnight at the surau, and some wanted to go back no matter what, coz it’s past midnight. Some Indonesians was looking awkwardly at us. Again, a series of polite disputes occurred.

Today we ‘lepak’ in front of Starbucks (which was already closed) and it was 1.00 am. Luckily the parents get worried and decided to fetch us. Only the girls of course coz there’re only 9 of us (we have 12 boys btw) and the car can only fit in a maximum of 8. Yes, we squeezed.

Today we arrived at the college at 2.00 am. We left the guys behind.

Today we’d like to say sorry and thanks for everything. I personally enjoyed every bit of our outing.

Today I knew I’ve hurt my friends. I’ve hurt them badly and I’m truly sorry.
Dan saya tahu saya x menjaga hak DIA hari ini. Hak sebagai seorang hambaNya.
I like to fight. Fights and disputes make the bond stronger. Peeps, no matter how harsh the fight is, I’ve learned to accept all of you for who you are. Well I hope I did.

After all, we cannot satisfy everyone.

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