Friday, September 19, 2008

Mereka bilang.

Oh seriously. I'm tired of this frenzy in my head. Inferiority complex. Yup. I know it's hard to feel tall when you're standing among giants. But then again, I feel exhausted of having to where high heels whenever I have to stand among these giants.

Peeps, look at the literal meaning. I'm not referring to the "bitchy kinda high heels" ok.

Ok enough with the crapping.

We've tried our best to bring up an issue that will open up the eyes of our fellow sisters. Not the same old "kecantikan wanita" thingy. Yes beauty in the eyes of a Muslim is for everyone to know. But when the same thing is presented over and over again, our friends get bored, and that creates a stigma. usrah= boring talks given by pious people.

Lets widen the scope of the usrah.

Just now, we talked about being international. It's happening in our society right now whereby people are rapidly facing development and leave religion behind.

"Come on la dude, religion is religion. Life is life la!"

Religion is life. Doesn't matter which religion you're holding on to. The trip to Singapore really
opened up my eyes. ACS is a great school, but one thing that caught our attention is the way the values of Christianity are entrenched in every aspects of their routine. Please don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that we have to read the Quran or pray non-stop 24/7 ok.

They have a morning assembly everyday whereby verses from Bible are recited. And they respect every bit of it. We don't have daily assembly-s. We only have morning doa recited through the speaker. Even this one we often neglect as we are busy rushing to classes, merely raising up our hands while walking when the doa is recited.

Come on la. Be sensible. Respect our religion.

I know I don't have any right to condemn how people respect their religion, as I myself have millions of flaws and imperfections in practicing my religion. But I'm working on it.

Saya bukan baik sangat ye.Saya bukan maksum macam Rasulullah. Saya tulis sebab saya rasa saya kena tulis.
Bear that in mind.

I miss Penang sooo much. =(


majin said...

5 more days then you'll be back to penang=)

iman ka said...

haritu kak zai taught us, manusia sekarang berfikiran sekular, cuba memisahkan kehidupan dengan keagamaan. agama, agama, hidup, hidupla.

and when pn surinam said something about eventhough kita tengah puasa, that didnt give anyone any excuse to skip classes or not finish off homeworks because life goes on despite us needing to fast.

and kakzai also mentioned something about fikrah materialistik bukan fikrah islam, bila fikir2 balik macam betul jugak.

tapi ika. i've still got a long wayyy to go. oops. i mean learning that is :)

zulaikhazainol said...


We have a longg way to go, to dig deeper. I'm still kinda wobbly you know, taking baby steps =)