Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I miss.

Ramadhan has arrived, and I daresay I’ve been missing it since last Ramadhan. Rindu~

Ramadhan is our holy month, the month where we can buckle up our iman. Some of my friends even told me that during Ramadhan, your true colour will come out, coz we cannot blame syaitan for every bad thing we did when it all comes from our own nafsu, or desire, can we?

As lively as we celebrate Hari Raya, it’ll be even better if Ramadhan is celebrated that way as well kan? I wish I’ll gain something this Ramadhan. Something that is meaningful to me. Yupps. Well I hope so.

Many people think of fasting as an excuse, you know, not to do heavy tasks, not being able to finish up assignment because of tarawih, too exhausted to present a topic in class, yada yada yada...
But actually, why are we using it as an excuse? Ramadhan is our chance to prove that fasting makes us stronger, both physically and also spiritually. It's not only a matter of starving yourself up till maghrib, it is for us to get closer to Him, aite? You learn self-restraining, and to control your desire.

As mentioned in my favourite book, the Holy Quran =)

"O ye who believe! Fasting is prescribed to you as it was prescribed to those before you, that ye may (learn) self-restraint,"

alBaqarah, 2:183

As our maid had just run away (for a reason God knows..grrrr!), mama was left alone with all the chores. Plus she's working and abah's not around and mama'll have to prepare the sahur and wake my sisters and bro and everything. And I'll only be back at the end of the month to help her out. Phew~
Must be a tough time for her. This Ramadhan certainly brings its own test for each of us. Even Abah must be facing a hard time trying to find halal food and performing tarawih.
and I myself have tonnes of workload to be done.

Hopefully we'll go through this together.(^o^)

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