Tuesday, July 15, 2008

O Allah, The All-hearer

I was presented with the insight of Islam

Yet I fear to spread it to others

Looking at my fellow sisters

Diligently waking up the aimless souls out there

While I’m still a faithful listener

Tailing at the back..

O Muqallibal Qulub

Have I the talent to speak up

To be a strong da’ie

Rather than just a mere listener

How petite I feel

Standing among these dutiful Muslims

Those who spread your love

About Your Greatness

About Your Messenger

About the beauty of Islam, Deenul Haqq..

Ya Fattah, give me strength, to help your Deen.

Looking back, just how many teardrops have I shed for You..

Sami Yusuf. i just love his music. =)

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Dyg Nina said...

same ere!
he's awesome!