Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Everything that happens.

“Everything that happens, ada hikmahnya”. Many of my friends used to say this. No matter how cliché it may sound, but I guess that’s the right thing to believe in.

Haha. The water shortage in my college indeed brings its own special benefits for me. Because of this, every KMB student has to go back. Because of this, I followed Nady and Ila to Nady’s aunt’s house in Shah Alam. Seriously, because of all this, I get to meet my friends, now scattered all over Malaysia, unplanned.

Siti and Aida, Nady's friendly lil' cousins =)

Ok here goes. The very moment we arrived at KTM Shah Alam, I remembered that it was so so near to Intec. Then when Nady’s uncle picked us up, it turned out that their house is just within walking distance to Intec. Wah! Imagine how happy I am. I messaged Ama, my beloved deskmate at SMAPK who’s currently studying under the AUSMAT program at INTEC. So that night, all three of us went to the campus, me visiting Ama’s house to catch up with each other, while Ila and Nady lepak with a friend of Ila. I miss Ama badly! Plus she’s going to Aussie early next year isk isk…

Then the next day, we went to Mid Valley. Walking to and fro from Vincci to Nose, for more than an hour, looking for sandals. COINCIDENTALLY, my old friend Dalila, who’d just came back from Indonesia for holiday (she’s doing meds btw), was there too! Then I get to catch up with her at the food court. You have no idea how hard it is to meet her, now that she’s moved to Selangor and rarely come back to Malaysia. I was so happy having the chance to meet up with her!!!

Dalila n Ika! (^o^)Midvalley.

Ok I guess I stumbled upon many long-lost friends, so maybe summing it up would be fun!

1) At KTM Shah Alam, I met my SMAPK juniors, Afiqah and Nadiah (if I’m not mistaken-bad memory!) Nadiah happens to know my pen-pal. So we’re sort of interconnected haha. Well everyone’s connected in Islam! =)

2) Then at Mid (in the fre*kin small surau, seriously they should make it bigger), I met another SMAPK junior, Sonia, who turned out to be at the same place as my friends Faiqah and Mida, at UIA.

3) Then I met my ex-schoolmate in Almashoor, Penang. Amirah looked rather different, maybe because of the many years I haven’t seen her.

4) Then I met Syahmi and Nasuha (Dalila’s siblings), which I honestly think have grown a few inches higher than me!

5) Ok this one is not considered as ‘long-lost’ I guess. LOL. I met some KMB students, Jiha, Pipah and some guy from class C (I only remember his face). Then at KL Sentral, I stumbled upon Oya and Miftah, my current classmate, who are busy browsing through some shirts.

Travelling by KTM is a very ermm.. I would say a very interesting experience. We were all crammed up macam kalah tin sardine, and I seriously think the government should separate the train according to gender. I was pushed aside to stand beside an American guy, so we had a very very short conversation. He started asking “Apa khabar?” in Malay, so Ila and I laughed, listening to his conversation with his American friend, teaching how to pronounced the numbers in Malay. It was funny really. Especially when he answered, “ Sikit-sikit. Saya sedang belajar,” when I asked him on his Malay-speaking skill. But then, some narrow-minded Malay guy, regard our conversation as flirtatious, saying that the friendly American guy was trying to tackle us.Wth. Luckily, Nady was beside them listening to every kutukan yang dilemparkan kepada kami yang berniat baik, when all we did was only intending to start a conversation with a foreigner.

And also after accompanying Nady to meet her brother who had just landed from Czech Republic, we went to Mid valley and when we came back at almost 9.30 p.m. (we promised Nady’s aunt to be back by 9 btw), we entered the wrong train. Malang amat berbau. So we had to patah balik to Shah Alam. Haih~

in the wrong train =(

And Ila started a very weird conversation, maybe because she’s extremely exhausted and her brain is somewhere else haha.

There’s a picture of Farah AF2, donning a tudung on an advertisement in the train. So Ila started asking:

“Wei korang, cuba tengok iklan tu, sape model tu, mcm Farah kan?”

Dearest Ila. Memangla tu Farah.

The next one. After seeing that the train arrived at the next station accurately on time, she asked again.

“Eh, gile accurate train ni. Korang rase kan, kira-kira brape kelajuan train ni?”

Adoih la. I know that that is a very intelligent question. Namun begitu, at almost 10.30 p.m., plus all of us were dog-tired, you do the math.

So many things happened in so little time. I met my friends, and it all started unplanned because of the water shortage. Praise be to Allah. =)

Ukhwah fillah.