Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I stumbled upon someone's blog and i saw this video about 'aurat'. And then i searched this video on YouTube. It really portrays what's exactly happening in our society.
Some of us wear the hijab only because our parents ask us to, some even wear it because they say it's fashion.daa~

Recently there's a song about 'Minah Tudung' created by Hafiz Asa'ari (if i'm not mistaken).
It sounds like " Bukak tudung rambut perang, kononnya nak tunjuk belang and blablabla~"
The lyrics are harsh and cynical. But hey, it's reality(No offense ok). And I, as a muslim, also feel embarassed when i hear the song.

See, in ISLAM, there're two kinds of covering (correct me if i'm wrong). One is the covering which is obligatory for the ritual prayer, during solat. The other is the covering which is obligatory, other than for the ritual prayer, before men with whom a woman is not mahram and which does not have the special requirements of the covering for the ritual prayer(like wearing 'telekung', which covers the whole body except our face).

I know i'm not fully 'qualified' to talk about religion. I'm still learning, i admit.
This is just a reminder, for me, and for other muslimat out there. Maybe we should ask ourselves, are we wearing it only for the sake of others, or because we want to be closer with Allah?

People, no offense ok. (^^,)
ilalliqa' wa ma'assalamah~


Fathul Aizat said...

cool. i don't have much sya baout tudung. But i thnk women wearing tudung are respectable. But try this experiment.. ask any girls, why do they wear tudung? ull get so many weird and surprisig answers.

zulaikhazainol said...

yeah it's weird to know people have different reasons of their obligations in Islam.hmmm~