Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I came across a quite interesting article from The Star, it mentioned about what good doctors are made of. Right now thousands of straight-A students are vying for a career in medicine. So what does it take to be a good doctor?

I love watching the medical drama House. Dr. Greg
ory House is a totally cool and cranky character (^o^)He is a medical genius, but he's also a popular medical myths misleading students about the life of a doctor as he would avoid talking to patients if he could.

I'm not a doctor, but hopefully one day i will be. Here's
what i get during the 3-day 'pendedahan kerjaya seorang doktor' at Hospital Kepala Batas, joinly organised by JPA and the Health Ministry (if i'm not mistaken ;p) . The programme was compulsory for those who apply for the JPA scholarship (for medicine of course). I went to the Operation Theatre, and met a doctor who's preparing for an operation. He said to my group,

" Ni semua budak2 straight A's ke?Kamu semua ni serious nak jadi doctor? Kerja doktor ni susah. Yang dekat TV tu, semua tipu. We don't need only brains to be a doctor. Kena ikhlas dgn patient. Kadang2 ada yang jumpa saya, datang jauh2 dari kampung, duit tambang balik pun xde. You know, gaji doktor ni ciput je.x banyak pun in the beginning .Office sendiri pun xde .Saya pernah makan lunch, lauk sama dgn patient, lauk toge je. So, betul ni nak jadi doktor?"
This was what i wore at the O.T.
Totally feel like a doctor!oh yeah~

Then there's a nurse who came to us and said that the doctor we met is one of the most brilliant surgeons in penang. And she also mentioned that what the doctor said was 100% true. Come to think of it, it doesn't matter how much salary we gain, but what matters most is the good deeds we do while we work .

"You don't have to be driven by dreams of saving mankind or finding a cure for cancer .Years of medical school have thought me that you need to be grounded to be a good doctor-it is hard work and sometimes unrewarding .Other times ,it takes small things to make it worthwhile ,like getting a relieved look or smile or simple 'Thank You' from your patients after you have allayed their fear by simply talking to them or just listening to their worries."-Dr. Leticia W.

To all future doctors ,all the best .(^^,)

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|haninahzulkifli| said...

Meds school is hell damn hard~
Tho i finishd my 1st yr and still hv lyk 5 yrs more to go..i am half legaaaaa sgt3 as i hv 5 yrs and not 6 yrs..

But what we aim is not the title of being a "DOCTOR" but the deeds and to help others especially the ummah..

Study hard lillahita3ala and u will get thru this. It is a hard work but i guess it is worth in the Hereafter, enshaAllah ^_^