Monday, June 04, 2007

DIVA ;-)

Yesterday, the whole family went to Queensbay Mall . I was thinking of buying a few stuff for college . The first place we usually drop by when we go there is definitely BORDERS . The second coolest bookstore in my opinion . Kinokuniya's still the best .haha~

Then we noticed the shop next to BORDERS (selling clothes) was having discounts . 30% up to 70% . haha~so apa lagi , i got myself a shirt, my sisters bought two pairs of jeans and shirt , and zharrieq (my bro) had a new wallet . Dad insisted on buying him a rather cheap one because he kept losing it . I've forgotten how many times he lost his wallet .

Then after 'successfully' shopping new stuff, it's almost 2.30 and luckily that day, the actors of a new film, 'DIVA' (out on june 28 ), came to queensbay to promote their new film. They were Awal,Adam,Balqyish,and Jessica (Indonesian actress) . I thought Awal was gonna come!*sigh*..then Adam said he can't there're just 3 of them.I get to stand right in front of the stage as it's Monday and there weren't many people as usual.
balqiysh and jessica.notice the guy back there
wearing a red DIVA t-shirt? i got one too.they gave me for free lor~=p

this is when he stood right in front of me. haha~

here's adam and jessica

I'm not a big fan of Adam. But i adored Awal (cewah!).His Malay-Chinese parentage makes him looks good bebeh! sadly he can't come.

And about my soon-to-be bedroom in MARA College Banting, i've searched their website and here's a picture of it .

This one looks boring.And monotonous. No worries, once i get there, i'll groom the space .
Make-over balik.hehe~

Ok then.pen off now.adios~