Saturday, June 02, 2007

First Post - officially =p

Finally, this blog is mine. though not fully groomed. Thanks mama for helping me out .=)
I watched pirates 3 (at world's end ) yesterday, not in the cinema, but at home.
Dad says it's much more easier that way. jimat sikit.haha~
Currently, mom is learning how to use torrent to download movies from the internet . It was so cool. Right now we have almost 10 movies. I've watched shrek 3 , Mr. Bean's Holiday , Legally blonde 2 , Pirates 3 , 2 episodes of wakenabeb ( it's like punk'd, malay version) . and there's 3oo and Wild hogs too. 3oo was too violent la .

Ok enough crapping about movies.
I'm going to Mara College Banting on 26th june . So i'll be separated with all the latest movies. Oh, so tragic.
As this is my first post 'officially' ,I would like to apologise in advance for my terrible english. You know, it's been like almost 6 months since i left school , and i guess the 'quality' is decreasing during that period.haha. sorry for the inconvenience. (ceh poyo )
And my brain was like 'jammed' at the moment , so i don't really know how will i start studying all the IB subjects .uh-oh.
Believe me,for 6 months, i spent my life on the sofa in front of the tv .haha~
sofa ini menjadi bukti .

It's a miracle as i can still stand up straight after spending hours on the sofa.hehe~

and i guess i've memorised the TV schedule.

That's all for now. I'll write something more objective later.=p.