Monday, June 11, 2007

Down memory lane

Now that i have nothing to do at home, i spend my time sifting through all my old photographs. Reminds me of all those good old days. Here are a few pictures i manage to scan, and each picture evokes feelings long gone, but always deep within me ;-)
About this sudden trip to my past, i just feel like i need to stop, and look back once in a while.
Afterall, a picture's worth a thousand words.

1991. a very pampered little girl.haha~
always surrounded with toys.


1998. grandma in the middle with her
hyperactive grandchildren.hehe~

1999.Family trip to KLCC.

mom and I at a dinner function.can't remember when.

1997. i love this one,coz it looks kinda classic.hehe~

I'd like to post a few more nostalgic photos. Maybe next time (^o^)

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