Thursday, January 05, 2017

Housemanship: been there done that!

Assalamualaikum. Well hello 2017!

It's been an awfully long while. My last published post was almost a year ago. Actually there were many sudden blogging urge in between, but all of them were either written halfway incomplete or I was just too busy + lazy + tired to proofread and publish.

Oh well, not much happened in between then and now, except for the fact that

You know what they say, what doesn't kill you make you stronger.

Throughout these two years, a lot of things changed and sacrifices made. For instance:

1) Family gatherings. When there is a family function, at first people will ask our parents, "Where are Ika and Ali?".Then the question evolved into "Are they both at work?". Finally no more questions were asked because our absence to any events is by default. When we miraculously find time to attend, people would be surprised by our presence that the first question would be, "Both of you off today?"

2) Friend's weddings. We got married right after graduation so essentially most of our friends attended coz they were all mostly still unemployed. When our friends got married, we missed out on theirs coz we were both either working or our leaves were not enough to cover the travels. I know, it's pretty messed up. Invitations came at first, then it came lesser and lesser coz people stop putting hopes on you turning up.

3) Vocabulary. Oh my poor vocab. I barely read any books and blog these days. My English-speaking abilities has now jumped into the Manglish bandwagon. It's either "I oso dono worr", "he memang like dat wan","uncle u chuan bo" or "aunty vallikida". I know, we blended in pretty well. I can speak minimal 2-word hokkien and tamil now.

4) Health. We both put on unhealthy weight because of all the untimely late-night dinner and junk food. Mostly coz we think we deserved it after starving ourselves while serving the public. Maybe MOship is the time to get back in shape. Seriously guys, my 53 year-old dad's baseline heart rate is 50-55 coz he runs marathon and I get breathless after one freaking flight of stairs, NYHA class 3 right here!

And the list goes on forever.

May this be the start to the return of my blogging saga!
Will write more soon. A bit of word constipation secondary to blogging hiatus.

Till then!


Hidup Haira Je said...

Yeay!! New entry. :) Well done for the updates. Despite all the restless days and nights.

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