Tuesday, April 01, 2014

How I fell in love with HIMYM.

I know this sounded pretty silly and most of you won't get it but 'How I Met Your Mother' ended today and it really hit me. I have been ardently following the series since Season 1, and it has been 9 years since then, how can you not be affected? aaaa.

I'd probably look like just any over-obsessive fan of any fictional TV series but HIMYM is different. The wit, the friendship, the love, it's just blerghhh beyond words (if you put aside all the unnecessary dirty jokes etc)

The Mother died. It just broke my heart (although it was predicted from a preceding episode). From the moment Ted saw his future wife, till the moment he got married, he was head over heels in love with the mother. I could never forget how Ted clenched his chest in awe as he saw his bride in her wedding dress. Full of love.

The way Barney and Robin look at each other on their wedding day.
The way Ted said goodbye to his friends before his big move to Chicago.
The way Barney held his newborn daughter for the first time and cried.
The way Ted treasured all the lessons from every little fight, every sleepy Sundays, every Christmas mornings he spent with his wife.
The way Tracy cheekily replied yes a few times before Ted finishes his second proposal speech.
The way Ted held Tracy's hand by the bedside when she was sick.

The way the 'gang' drifted apart as they grew older, developing families and careers, and still promise to be there for each other during the 'big moments'.

Although I'd rather the story ended differently, I guess a little twist will always caught us by surprise.

It was all too perfect. Of course it's fictional, but who cares, it's still perfect to me. I'm a hopeless romantic. sigh

The last hug before Ted 'moves to Chicago'.

Thank you fictional characters, you guys are awesome.