Monday, April 08, 2013

My mini barbies.

Assalamualaikum and hello

Today I had a chat with a girl around Ira's age. God knows how lucky I feel to be surrounded by little sisters (and a brother :p) who are both blessed with good health and happiness.

Adik (my youngest sister) registered into a boarding school last few weeks! Imagine calling home and Mom casually tells you "hey Adik's got an MRSM offer she's leaving this weekend." It takes a while for that info to sink in.  I'm pretty sure it feels different without Adik at home. She has this "ritual" of kissing my parents goodnight and throwing a long speech of "Mama abah restu adik tak, sorry for everything, thank you for everything" before we go to sleep, every single day, without fail, that all of us have memorized by now. Ira and ayit can even lip-sync her.

She's also the one who used to compliment my cooking no matter how nasty it tasted. Although she comes home every weekend, I know it will be different without her around. My baby's all grown up :')

So, with Adik recently registered to Baling, we are now left with the only bibik in the house, Ira. That being said, she is deprived of her sisterly love that she harassed me through whatsapp, probably trying to get over her lonesome issues haha.

In a way I'm glad that Ira decided to not go into boarding school, because at least I know someone's at home to keep MamaAbah company. She's a bright girl despite her bimbo obsession over 1D. You should try watching her study when exam's around the corner, it'll freak you out. Sometimes she didn't study that much and all that A's miraculously appeared. Genius brat.

Ira celebrated her sweet 16 yesterday (7th April) so if you're reading this, do slip a tiny prayer for her moga panjang umur murah rezeki jadi anak solehah aminn. People who met her at first would think she's the shy type, when at home she's this manic hannahmontana-wannabe who cracks everyone up when she's in the mood.
By the way, they've both recently installed braces to their teeth and had to eat porridge and speak like a dopey duck. HAHA fun to watch

Back to what I did today, the girl I talked to was battling with her own well-being, at a young age. A struggle to achieve an impossible perfection, that costs her body to fail, leaving her family devastated and the people around her to watch hopelessly.

I can't help but feel blessed to think that the girl sitting on the chair in front of me is not Ira or Adik. I pray that Allah keep them safe from all harm and grant them happiness along the way.