Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Assalamualaikum and helloo brother. (movie Salman Khan in the 90s- Hello Brother, ingat x?)

Aaanyways, this is the second week of my winter break. As much as I miss those two makciks who decided to ditch me for Malaysia, I'll be very happy to forgive them if they brought me some sweet-smelling durian fresh from home. *cehhh padahal diri sendiri yg xmau balik.

Random chat that cracks me up each time. Hahah

The house feels empty, but I'm enjoying every relaxing second in the comfort of my room. Today's boxing day, for those who don't know it's the famous discounted day for the shoes and tops you've been aiming all winter, normally a day after Christmas, in Ireland they call it St Stephen's Day. Although I know this might be my last boxing day abroad coz next winter will probably be spent at home for electives, I pampered myself with a huge breakfast and a tub of Ben&Jerry instead. Nyums.


Last weekend a close friend hit a milestone :)  

too selekeh to be enlarged. hah

Someone who happens to know her recently looked at this picture of us and said, "Gosh how long have you guys been friends?" I never really thought about it, but come to think of it, it's more than a decade now :) Wishing her the very best in her next level-up! :p