Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Assalamualaikum and hewooo Bawwy Kwipke style.

I'm going to spill this one real fast because time is ticking and I have tonnes of important stuff to do (which I'm trying  to avoid by means of blogging). Blerghhh it's so annoying that lectures end at 6pm, by the time I can sit comfortably in front of my desk at home (after solat+ shower+ dinner+ makcik2update), it's already 9.30pm-ish, and there's nothing much to accomplish before my bedtime. Sigh. Don't blame me for my amazing procrastinating skills. Blame time.

Yeah so today I went to Cappagh by bus, because my groupmate had an appointment so he couldn't give me a lift. I feel like working the factory night shift, walking to the bus stop so early in the morning alone. It's 6.20am by the time I caught the first bus, and there's nobody and it's dark. I saw a van turning at the traffic light and I freaked out recalling the scenes from some human trafficking documentary. Paranoid much =.=

6.15am *insert cricket sound*

And after our session in Cappagh I decided to take the bus back to Vincent's hospital, but then I saw everyone else heading to their cars. Oh muka tak malu, I asked one of them for a lift, luckily Caroline has a spare seat. You know, I'm getting good at asking for favours, you just have to put up a really shameless face and a huge smile that says "pleashhhh".

I realized that starting from now, we have to initiate. People won't go offering you a lift if you don't ask, people won't go forwarding you past-year questions if you don't ask, people won't go telling you what's on today's lecture if you don't ask. It's your own initiative. And that, I don't have. I hate troubling people even when I have to, although asking for help does not necessarily mean troubling. Sobs

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