Sunday, September 30, 2012


Assalamualaikum and halloww.

This is what I've been up to on Friday night. Since orang-orang kaya Dublin all decided to own lavish cars, life has been TV3-drama-like where young people drive Mercedes and BMW to their hangout places. Ececehh. Padahal semua kereta mak bapak suruh beli utk bawak balik Malaysia, so org x berkereta tumpang la sepuluh kaki.

So the point is, Mif wanted to go out for a bit so nosy me and Pika tagged along in Mif's brand new Merz. We went to Dundrum (it's a shopping mall) and spent 3 hours in 2 stores. 3 hours in 2 stores? Very unproductive.

I heard a new branch of H&M is launched in KL and people are flocking the place like crazy trying to savour the new Malaysian privilege of having H&M now close to home.

See 2 makcik ni masuk H&M sepah2kan baju, dasar x menghargai kan.

 Motif gambar ni? ehemm.

With Dublin's posh cars owners :p

Back to work and the melancholy life brings.

p/s: Sometimes the things we can't change, ended up changing us..