Thursday, January 26, 2012

Upacara Kot Putih

Hello. Assalamualaikum.

On last Tuesday, one of the most anticipated event of the year took place in my university. A ceremony so simple and smooth, nothing fancy, no long speeches or huge crowd of audiences, just family and friends witnessing the first ever clinical white coat worn by their loved ones. I invited Kak Noli, my cousin  from Galway, since she's the closest relative I have over here. It's super cool that the event was recorded and aired live on a streaming site, and it's even more sweeter to know that my siblings stayed up from the moment it started (around 2.15am in Malaysia) right up till my turn on stage. Awww. And since my surname starts with Z, I was in the very last group. Ayit keep iMessaging me asking when's my turn. Hahah

Many congratulated, almost regarding the ceremony as my graduation. It's just an annual ceremony to symbolize our start of the clinical years. Less lectures, more hands-on. That's all. Nevertheless, thanks to those who prayed and wished. :)

Presenting, all the 'Z'-s. zainol's zainal's zulkifli's you name it.

Yayyy white-coated!

Housemates sayangg :)

Spot me!

Classmates for another 2.5 years inshaAllahh

Kak Noli thanks for making the effort to come :')

all smiles :)

And of course, yours truly,
I wanna be a doctor when I grow up :)


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