Saturday, October 22, 2011

My bwainn.


My bwain izz slow, izz like snailzz.

..and it cannot digest information if provided in bulk. Dayumm.

As y'all know from my endless annoying posts on when my midterm is, yes, it's on this coming Monday and Tuesday. For most of the third-years they'll only have the Tuesday GIT test. I had my Monday occupied because of my zoology elective. Oh yeah. Zoology. Don't ask me why I took Medical Zoology as my elective. As far as I know I chose it because it sounds cool and I'm too scared to take up any medically-related subjects, and because I was trying to avoid taking languages again for electives, also because I can never reconcile with subjects relating to Maths. nyahahah

GIT stands for gastrointestinal btw, y'know, all that unpleasant stuff happening in your tummy all the way till it went out in the toilet. Yeah. That's GIT in general.

Anyways, I noticed I have been taking 'reading' subjects for three consecutive semesters. I wonder why... since I'm a loser when it comes to things requiring memory. Yes, please go on and wonder why I even chose medicine. I took Microeconomics, then Food Science, and then now, Medical Zoology. All of which needed reading to pass, because the assessments are merely MCQs. And surprisingly, all of which helped me with my overall grades walaupn xde la tinggi mana, except for medzoo la kan baru nak exam, duhh

And among all electives I have previously taken (including French and Chinese), I would say these reading subjects are the most awesome. Foodscience, despite all the reading, actually taught me a lot of new stuff on different types of dieting method. And medical zoology, despite the wordy lecture slides, provided me cool facts that I wouldn't really know in real life. Contoh, sape tau nyamuk yg hisap darah korg tu, jate ko tino? Hah. Only FEMALE mosquitoes bite and transmit disease, the males feed on nectar and honeydew. Haa, xtau kan? kan? See, that's why medical zoology is awesomeee.

Tapi tau la elective clinical skill lagi awesome kan. Finee

All in all, what I can conclude is, despite my constant pain-in-the-arse complaints on so-many-things-to-read-so-little-time blablabla, I learned that in whatever ilmu you're obliged to learn, it's actually fun if you look close enough. Much more peculiarly as a medical student, you actually learned about your own body, a friend was talking about ischemic bowel disease when he suddenly said, pelikkan, cmne bahagian perut pun boleh mati.

See, I'm always amazed with people who can actually read and relate. I normally READ, only read, without relating. Merely spilling out facts without relating. Starting from now have to start thinking like a doctor, like a hot hot doctor. ahaks

Ok peeps. I'll leave you at this. Need to refresh my reading on arthropods and insect-borne diseases =.='

p/s: My cousins are getting married this weekend. All prayers flying to them iA! <3

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