Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Or rajin.

Why do you call someone rajin and hardworking?

I went to a talk yesterday. And Ustaz talked about many things. But I remembered one thing he mentioned, the difference between bersegera and bergopoh-gapah. (settling things beforehand vs. rushing things)

Here's the difference. Contoh. P Ramlee (PR) and Salleh Yaakob (SY). Both are going to face an exam. PR prepared months before the exam to make sure he succeed. Closer to the exam date people would see him relaxing and not that hardworking, some might even say he's lazy, but the truth is he's been working consistently, no rush. Meanwhile for SY, one week or days before the exam, he worked soooo hard that people compliment on how hardworking he is, how rajin, but the truth is, he's rushing and not really is a hardworking guy.

See the difference. PR bersegera, SY bergopoh.

Next. Here comes Maghrib prayer time. PR took his wudhu' and was at the masjid an hour before azan, to make sure he's always on time. Meanwhile for SY, half an hour before azan, he rushed home from a football session, and quickly clean up and took his wudhu', rushing to the masjid. People would see SY and say, wahh bagus budak ni semangat g masjid. Padahal on the way pegi masjid maki habis traffic light lembab, kopiah hilang, nak tunjuk yg die semangat g masjid nih.

See the difference? Obvious isn't it. PR bersegera, SY bergopoh.

Which group do you belong to? Bersegera buat benda baik, or bergopoh?
Ustaz pesan, dlm Quran ada ckp, bersegeralah melakukan kebaikan (2:148)

I prefer bersegera. Sbb skrg tegopoh2 nak habiskan semua lecture. Oh menyesal kemudian tidak berguna :( Using the time left to the max! iA :)

p/s: bought a new phone....andddd loving it to bits! :)

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