Friday, October 28, 2011


Never thought I put in much effort for this semester's midterm tests.
Probably because there's too much to read that you ended up worrying if whatever you read will be forgotten later. In the end, you settle with reading lazily, merely browsing through words. And then I forgot the most important fact, that every little effort counts :)

This'd be just a quick post. To tell y'all that I finally got my hands on my very own Robbins pathology textbook today :') Mesti mcm noob kan dah 3rd year baru beli. tsk

Whatevs. As long as I don't have to squint my eyes reading the online textbook, I'm happy to finally have a hardcopy of this mother of all pathology texts. Ceh exaggerate.

Plus, suddenly felt encouraged to read it all again. Sbb boleh highlight and conteng2 heeyarghhh

Every little effort counts, iA :)