Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Minggu lalu.

Wah tajuk macam nak present episod drama minggu ini, minggu lalu mempamerkan jeng jeng jeng.. duhhh

Last week was a mess, or should I say, an awesome mess, coz I had a good time reorganizing everything to kick-start the new term, though it was quite a mess. Buat garda or the renewal of my Irish IC, preparing documents for JPA and garda, shopping dalam hujan, reconnecting the Internet, paying up the phone bills etc, finally relieved sbb sepatutnya dah boleh start study dengan aman sejahtera. Malangnya x start lg, hmm...

Anyways, the weekend was occupied with open houses, and my tummy was gastrologically happy :) Menu semua nak mantap je, satay bagai, mmg balik tebongkang kekenyangan. Thanks tuan2 rumah yg baik hati budi sekalian :) Oh btw we cycled to all the open houses, in baju kurung, yes people, in baju kurung, proud of myself, cycling around effortlessly dgn kain terbang2 wahhh *clap clap*
minah rempitan

i think i look good in purple *puke*

Oh oh freshers' week also started yesterday. Ya know, the week where bands came over to jam on the stage in front of the student centre, and all clubs were busy recruiting new members. I'll just stick faithfully to Islamic Society and Malaysian Society. Anti-social kan? Dahhhh tahun ni malas nak aktif2, nak study je naikkan pointer yg dari dulu asyik turun tangga x naik2 =.=

Tahun ni 7-up pulak tin dia. Last year redbull ke apa tah

Ok if anyone's interested to buy used books from seniors, here's a list I found in health science. Tau x sbb apa amek gamba list ni? Sbb....list tersebut....ditampal....di....pintu...........

TOILET. hahahaha. terisi masa pengguna2 jamban hari ini

Gile la budak medic, punye nak guna masa sebaik mungkin, sambil poo2 pun boleh membeli-belah buku =.= But I must say, it's a very strategic location to advertise :p

And a note to anyone who also has a blog, I recommend you to disable the right-click function on your blog, at least to prevent anyone downloading your pictures and stuff. Just google on the how-to. Happened to a friend of mine and it was very, erm, disturbing, having anonymous people reusing your pictures. Oh well nothing is safe on the Internet nowadays, but better be safe than sorry okayh :)

Rasa mcm nak keep writing more and more from now on. Probably making it a hobby to kill time :)

p/s: thank you gemok , and all the best in focusing :)