Saturday, August 27, 2011

Oh 3rd year.

Believe it or not, my 114 days of pure academic freedom will end pretty soon. So here comes the endless lectures and tutorials, the walking in the rain rushing to classes, the jaw-dropping electricity and phone bills, the dramas, the emotional breakdowns, yadayadayada the list goes on. And tell you what, I'm not readyyyyy! My brain went all rusty and useless over the summer break. Of course at the beginning of the semester your spirits went skyrocketing dgn azam baru and whatnot. I have a few resolutions in mind I wish to accomplish, but well, reality always turns out different than expectations =.='

Expectations: Plan to have a proper breakfast every morning before classes and also to pack a healthy lunch instead of buying chips at the student cafeteria which costs 1.90euro per bag of chips.

Reality: Waking up late because of a late-night facebooking session, breakfast nescafe secawan, jalan to class laju2, forgot to bring any packed lunch, ends up buying the unhealthy-but-delicious bag of chips, costing me 1.90euro per day. Sometimes double the price, sbb kalau lapar beli 2 kali MUAHAHA. Bye-bye proper breakfast and packed lunch! =.='

Expectations: Stay back after lectures to finish up the notes for the day.

Reality: Stay back after lectures in the library/ computer room, with my laptop for the sole purpose of searching for medical terms I don't understand but end up facebooking+ other unnecessary webby stuff until my eyes felt like I'm dozing off. Pastu give up sebab konon2 mata dah penat, and head straight back home. Bye-bye notes for the day!=.='

Expectations: Bangun subuh awal utk solat jemaah with the whole house.

Reality: Bangun subuh hujung2 x sempat nak jemaah sbb everyone's rushing to clean themselves and solat subuh cepat2 before the sun shows up 5 minutes later. Bye-bye 27 ringgit pahala! =.=' ( my housemates are all early birds, I used to be the last one up. kena bgn awal next sem! )

Expectations: Went to classes earlier to print out all the lecture notes beforehand sbb nanti ramai org berebut printer kat comp lab.

Reality: Kan dh ckp td, bangun lmbt, pastu smpai 5 minutes after classes start. Lecture notes kemana, buku nota pn tetinggal kdg2. Bye-bye lecture-notes-before-classes-begin!

Expectations: Try out new recipes other than masak lemak cili api, kari, tomyam, paprik, ayam bakar pelbagai rasa, and the all-time favourite; telur mata+kicap perghhhh

Reality: Always end up cooking the same thing sbb malas pk lauk lain plus it saves a whole lot of time to just shove the chickens in the oven and leave it to roast for 45 mins. Dasar pemalas punye anak dara ni. What to do, sometimes the internet seems more interesting than cooking. Anak dara alaf baru kannnn. HAHA. Bye-bye innovative new recipes!

Expectations: Have a long decent conversations with fellow groupmates other than about exams and schedules and anything academical.

Reality: Actually talks about exams, schedules, and academic stuff because that's all we have in common. Bye-bye socializing with total coolness! =.='

Expectations: Saves up money after every 3 months' allowance.

Reality: Oh ada baju cantik kalau x beli skrg nanti dh x dpt. Always seems nervous with having a lum-sum amount credited to my bank account that I need to finish it all up asap =.=' Bye-bye saving money, you ungrateful shopaholic! =.='

Actually I can list up to a hundred. But you won't bother reading all of em, they're just pathetic, I'm pathetic =.=' See there's a lot of thing I need to amend. a LOT. Sigh. 3rd year is rumoured to be the beginning of endless tortures so changes need to start now. Thing is, I don't know where to begin.

Spoil plak mood nak raya kan. HAHA. Salam Eidul Fitri Mubarak everyone! I'm gonna miss Ramadhan terribly :') Remember to forgive and forget, that's what Syawal is about anyway :)

Love you!


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Walrus said...

nak like comment kat atas ni... haha... acid reflux. lol.

zulaikhazainol said...

hahaha acid reflux. aku rase cm dah turn on spam detection =.= sengal ko pizu hahaha

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