Monday, June 06, 2011

6 awkward moments in life.

I don't know why but I just have to post on this. You may find it crappy because it is crappy.

There is no link between the living and the dead. HAHA direct google translation. I mean, tiada kaitan antara yang hidup atau yang telah meninggal dunia.

1) Singing a song you think you know and stopping midway because you shout out the wrong lyrics, with confidence. I repeat, with confidence.
You tried to cover up with some mimings but your friends or your family suddenly went silence. Then the awkward moment came. And then they burst into laughter and say BOOOO LIRIK PUN SALAH to your face, to your face maynnnn!
Awkward, right?

2) Meeting someone you're close with on Facebook in the REAL life.
On Facebook. or should I say, Fakebook, where everyone fake around pretending they're nice to each other. Ok that's not the point. The point is, you're constantly exchanging hi-s and comments to a certain someone on Fakebook Facebook, then you meet them in real life and both of you don't know what to say to each other. Most of us will opt for the stare-into-the-open-space technique, where you just stare at random people eating doughnuts to avoid having eye-contact to the Facebook friend you have. Then the awkward moment came. Awkward, right? Say awkward or I'll kill you now.

3) Asking someone for financial favor.
How much awkward can that be? Unless they are someone you're close with, it'll be super awkward. Like, err, can I borrow some $$$, I'm kinda broke right now. A simple request that requires a gazillion tonnes of guts to let it out. You say it, then the awkward moment of embarassment came. Awkward, right?

4) Asking someone for their financial debts to you.
The same as above. Unless they are someone you-can-say-they're-fat-and-ugly-to-their-face-and-they-don't-mind, it'll be super awkward. Anddd especially when you're broke too and you need your cash back, you'll be like, errr, remember the other day you owed me $$$, well, errr, I kinda need it back, you know. Hah. Too much errrr. Then the awkward moment came. Awkward, right? Say awkward or I'll kill you twice.

5) Telling someone a story you've already told them yesterday, or previously.
You tell someone a joke enthusiastically, hoping that they would laugh at it but then the only sound coming out was their awkward laughter. Why? Because you already told them the same thing yesterday. As you tell them your joke, you realized it's outdated and you stopped midway. And then the awkward moment came. Errr. Awkward, right?

6) Addressing yourself politely when speaking to someone (let say, Bruno Mars) but addressing yourself awkwardly when both of you are in public.
Say, when you speak privately to Bruno, both of you address yourself as saya-awak. And then you're in public and saya-awak seems too polite. And then you don't know how to address yourself as aku-kau seems too harsh. So you speak to Bruno and try hard to avoid addressing yourself. Awkward, right? Say awkward or I'll kill you thrice.

Well. the last one was my lilbro's definition of awkwardness.

Super duper awkward.


ghina nisa said...

the more i looked at the word 'awkward',the more 'wrongly-spelt' it look like

akward said...

haha , u got the first 2 right, spot on !

zulaikhazainol said...

ghinanisa; hahaha i know right. i feel the same as I wrote this post =.=

akward; i don't know if that's a compliment or a cynical remark, but thank you! awkwardness rocks :D

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