Saturday, May 07, 2011

My Subuh.

The all-time dilemma of not studying in your home country, is the changing seasons, not to mention the sunrise and sunset times, which of course, lead to the consistent change in prayer times. And, of course, as we're now approaching summer, subuh begins as early as 3.46am. Bammm. My big time failure.

Back home, even if you didn't know the exact prayer time, agak-agak pukul 6.15am, dah subuh. agak-agak pukul 1.45pm, dah boleh zohor. agak-agak pukul 5pm tu dah boleh solat asar. agak-agak 7.45pm dah maghrib, and 8.45 dah boleh isya'. Simple. The only matter is for us to solat awal waktu :)

I called it a dilemma, because even if I slept early, say 11pm, and set the alarm at 3.30am, I will always end up waking up at 6am, which in my case, is already the end of subuh. Dah cerah youuu, dah boleh dhuha. And if I chose to stay up till subuh, it wouldn't be a healthy thing to do every single day right?

Tak caye? ce tengok ni ce tengok. *ape comel sgt dok ce-ce? cepuk kang*

Ok so that's the history of presenting complaints. haha

It's a very uncomfortable feeling having your subuh late every day. And I know I shouldda try harder, because subuh starts your day off differently, brighter and pembuka pintu rezeki. It's a struggle to get yourself out of the warm comfy bed every morning but it's worth the effort, for He always count. Masa kecik2 org ckp syaitonnirrajim selimut kulit vavi kalau tak bangun subuh. Which means I slept with that every single day I abandoned an early subuh. Cissss syaiton.

“The most burdensome prayers for the hypocrites are ishaa and fajr, but if they only knew what they contain, they would come even if they had to crawl.” [Rawahu Ahmad]

Nobody wants to be a hypocrite in His eyes aite.

Diriwayatkan daripada Muslim daripada Uthman bin Affan berkata, Rasulullah S.A.W. bersabda yang maksudnya:"Barang siapa yang solat Isyak berjemaah maka seolah-olah dia telah solat setengah malam, barang siapa solat Subuh berjemaah, maka seolah-olah dia telah melaksanakan solat malam satu malam penuh." (Hadis riwayat Muslim)

And the thing we always missed, is solat subuh berjemaah. Of course it's hard because the moment you wake up and realize that subuh almost ends, the one thing that popped up is oi tak subuh lagiii, haa kelam kabut buang kulit vavi syaiton and pray hastily on your own. That's what I always do. And knowing that subuh berjemaah is Rasulullah's sunnah, lagi down sbb x buat slalu.

Ok panjang bebel. Cakap lebat nampak, esok subuh kau pukul brapa?

sobs. kalau boleh taknak subuh dinosaur lagi. Jom korg, exam2 jugak, subuh mau ingat.
Definitely reminding myself too. *facepalm*


Walrus said...

subuh oh subuh, same dilemma here... kdg2 rs bersalah gler a sejak msk summer time, mesti subuh gajah.

tapi dengan adenye exam, berjaye solat awal waktu sbb stay up nk bc notes.

hbs exam nnt mesti old cycle blk smayang lmbt... manusie aka aku ni memang la.

ssh nk bersusah n beria2 smayang sperti ape yg dilakukan utk exam. exam dunie plak tu... haha. peringatan utk diri ak.

mari subuh awal sehinggalah blk msia!!!

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