Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Drown in drugs.

Ok the pre-exam-feverish-blog-updates syndrome is definitely on me. Oh for a reason God knows what I myself have no idea why does blogging seem so friggin tempting during exams >.<

I guess blogging is more enjoyable than drowning yourself in drugs and diseases, no?

My three awesome makciks are all busy with the unbearable amount of drugs we have to memorize, I swear we'll all get high on drugs by midnight =.=

Well actually I was browsing through my links when I visited abah's site, I know abah rarely update his blog, probably once in a blue moon, but I love reading abah's every posts, over and over again without ever getting bored. One particular post that never fail to make me smile is this.

"After briefing by KMB on what is IB all about..standard la...High level la..bla bla...felt asleep few times.. we had lunch at canteen. The food were not so bad..especially ikan keli goreng sambal. Everybody belasah Ikan Keli except me..I don't eat ikan sungai...but salted ikan sungai I belasah...

Finally at 1.30 pm, we left KMB with half of our heart left behind... So long LoLo..study hard and chase your dream as high as you can...You are what you want to be." -5 July 2007

Felt asleep few times? abah comel. Maybe that's where I get my sleepyhead genes from. hehe
Mama janji nak blanja tomyam kong the moment I reached Penang. yay! :)

I'm blessed with the sweetest parents :) Miss them both.

Ok now I'm back to drugs and diseases. So long and farewell soldiers! Roger and out and off I go~

kroh krohh krohhh zZzZzZz

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