Thursday, April 14, 2011

That one last thing.

Ever come across a point when that one last thing could mean a lot?

That one last word, can make you everlasting memories
That one last step, can make you reach your campus
That one last penny, can make a poor kid smile
That one last read, can make your exam marks satisfying
That one last correction, can hugely change your grades
That one last anger, can scar you forever
That one last smile, can make a sad day seemed bright
That one last struggle, can calm you after answering the finals
That one last effort, puts you under His redha

That one last thing, no matter how small, could mean a lot to you, or others, in many ways.

Sadly, that one last thing, is the thing we always missed. I'm definitely trying not to miss out on that one last thing. That one last thing might not matter to you the most, but it does matter to me when finals are less than 3 weeks away. Ok perlu ke ulang statement less than 3 weeks away tu haha. That one last effort, jom kejar!

1 comment:

ghina nisa said...

tingat plak post add yg lebih kurang camni la, kalau masa tu nak kiamat n dalam tangan ade biji benih,tanam biji benih tu. One last effort to do good deed