Sunday, April 10, 2011

Beeyouteefull dayy.

Was forced to go out for an evening jog by two mokciks. I was reluctant at first, thinking of the upcoming presentation and my second midterm for foodscience. And then I looked at the window and saw how beautiful the weather is, so apa lg, chalo bette!

Well actually, it's jogging plus photo-shooting ;)

rumah kami :)

where we're headed to; deer park! it was a sunday so there were lotsa families picnicking and strolling around the park.

ceh ceh nk tnjuk konon terer la amek gamba taraf dslr =.=

family day. budak naik basikal ketot tu comel gila.

ok jogging utk ini? jogged on the way to the park dah hilang 3kg, on the way home dah naik balik 3kg. hahaha. tgk pika tamak gila makan 2 aiskrim, esok ko kne jog 10round nk compensate balik :p

oh these pretty pink flowers made me fall in love everytime I passed through it otw to class :')

penaja camera: yan's olympus epl-1 :)

No more fooling around. I guess it's time to say that's it. Finals are less than a month away and I have to teach myself that there're no room for silly distractions. Thank You for a colourful evening! :)


Walrus said...

deer park ngan eskrem tu kat mane wahai bakal neighbour bln may nnt???

zulaikhazainol said...

haha deer park tu kne masuk simpang traffic light b4 umah aku tu, dlm 15 minit gak kalau jalan kaki, n eskrem lazattttt tu dkt park tu jugak ;)

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