Wednesday, March 09, 2011


Quite a lengthy post on this one, I'll bet 10euro that you'll fall asleep reading halfway. haha

A few days back I read a hadith from Imam Nawawi, Hadith 35, and moments later I stumbled upon a verse that was talking about the same thing the hadith stressed. Was it a mere coincidence or something He wanted me to think about, I guess it's the latter :)

I assumed it digs better in malay;

Dari Abu Hurairah R.A dia berkata: Rasulullah S.A.W bersabda:
Janganlah kalian saling dengki, saling menipu, saling marah dan saling memutuskan hubungan. Dan janganlah kalian menjual sesuatu yang telah dijual kepada orang lain. Jadilah kalian hamba-hamba Allah yang bersaudara.
Seorang muslim adalah saudara bagi muslim yang lainnya, (dia) tidak menzaliminya dan mengabaikannya, tidak mendustakannya dan tidak menghinanya.
Taqwa itu disini (kata Nabi seraya menunjuk ke dadanya sebanyak tiga kali). Cukuplah seorang muslim dikatakan buruk jika dia menghina saudaranya yang muslim.
Setiap muslim atas muslim yang lain; haram darahnya, hartanya dan kehormatannya.
-[riwayat Muslim]

and this verse came out as I was reading;

"Wahai orang-orang yang beriman! Jauhilah banyak dari prasangka, sesungguhnya sebahagian prasangka itu dosa, dan janganlah kamu mencari-cari kesalahan orang lain, dan janganlah ada di antara kamu yang menggunjing sebahagian yang lain. Apakah ada di antara kamu yang suka memakan daging saudaranya yang sudah mati? Tentu kamu merasa jijik. Dan bertaqwalah kepada Allah, sungguh Allah Maha Penerima taubat, Maha Penyayang." -49:12

Ntah la. As you grow up it's hard for you to find a friend you can really trust, there'll always be some flaws in the friendship. If you noticed, a childhood friendship which is still intact until you're an adult will always last longer than some friends you met when you're older. Maybe because children know what real friendship is, back then, you don't judge, you don't know how to take advantage, you don't assume, you don't know what selfish is, you don't get jealous etc. All you know is we'll meet up at the playground at 5pm to play polis sentri together :') You befriended them just because you really want to be friends. Not because of some favour, not because you need someone to accompany you to watch a movie, not because you're bored, not because you need money, not because you want somebody to back you up. Sounds simple, no? Not as simple
as it sounds right now.

All I can say is you'll just have to appreciate those around you now. Because you'll never know for how long they will stay by your side. Maybe they're gone by tomorrow, maybe they'll meet new friends and forget you by next week, maybe you'll end up in a hurtful fight by next month, maybe maybe maybe, we'll never know. Let's just pray that God keeps them with you for as long as they possibly can.

On another note, we went on an afternoon walk to a shopping centre near my house. The
weather was lovelyyyyyy and the girls made a great company :)

should definitely do this more often! :) xx