Saturday, March 12, 2011

barang baru

hear hear! I was on the way to the city yesterday and saw an awesome new alien at the bus stop! *jakun*

a new instalment at almost all bus stops across the city, which tells you exactly which bus is on the way and the minutes left for the bus to arrive. awesome stuff eh! *jakun lagi. bosan~*

and an old man came up to me while I was waiting and went, "It's brilliant isn't it!" dgn nada penuh excitement, maybe because he saw me staring at that thing for quite some time. This kinda thing familiar kalau naik train or LRT je, so tetiba ada kt bus stop macam woww. I thought I was the only one who're curious looking at this new information service, thank you old man, you made me feel less alone, teman jakun bersame.

So, fellow Dublin peeps, don't have to squint our eyes searching for the timetable etc the next time you commute by bus.

Ok berita tak penting, tapi saje nk post. Maybe you guys in larger cities gelak je bace mcm hak elah tempat kitorg dah lama ada kotttt kecoh la minah ni. Fine.

Talking about something more serious, my prayer goes to the people of Japan and other countries under the risk of tsunami and the earthquake. May all is well. Amin.

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