Sunday, February 27, 2011

A short Sunday.

skyped with the family, with much laughter and teasing from everyone,

mama who's busy talking while folding the freshly laundered clothes,
and who nags on ayit who seemed not nervous with his upcoming results, haha
I know he's playing it cool, inside confirm tengah nervous gila :D
abah who keep reminding me on the flight tickets, I know he misses me :p
ayit who never stops being the annoying him, showing off his new book
ira who never fail to remind me on the purse she wanted, and then 'ok bye' comes after -.-"
adik who showed a pretty picture she colored.

it really feels like home :')

went for a lunch meeting, and accompanied makcik bulat cantek to find a suitable bag to class.

and then something amusing happened while we waited for the bus. An Irish man around the age of 70 was waiting at the same bus stop. After asking him and chatting on the usual 'where're you heading to' blablabla, he asked, "Are you married?" I answered, "Oh no, I'm single." Guess what he replied, "If you're married, you can get a divorce and I'll marry you." I laughed nervously and awkwardly, but he's a funny man anyway. One cheeky little atok. haha

so that's my short sunday. now it's time to hit the books. two midterms coming up and a hospital visit tomorrow. let's get crazayyyyyy~