Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Sekupang dua

A million words are there in mind
But often things are left unsaid
Everyone's answer is always just "fine"
But deep inside only God knows why.

Tears and nightmares came by night
Though nobody knows what's hurting inside
Everybody's listening, and everybody's talking
But 'truth' is the only thing missing
God teaches us through mistakes
To be learned, not to lead us astray.

Words can change a spark to fire
Words without truth are only from liars
Words can bring you down in seconds
Words in promises should not be completely taken.

Promises and broken hearts
Not to one, but many around
As I watched myself growing apart
from the One Love that always surrounds.

It's hard to say who's fault this is
for only He knows what's in store
Even if I waited in a fantasy bliss
if He says no, then be it- no.

If God says go back in time
That's what I'll do, no need a sign
To tell my previous self that nothing comes before Him
Thus avoiding endless regrets, now it seems.

Despite all confusions and frenzies there are
Never can anyone take away the hope
A part of me still wait for the day
When promises once made will finally be real.

To those who have high hopes and trusts on me
And think that I have what it takes
Just so you know, I'm not like that
But one thing for sure, I love you to pieces
And disappointing you both is the last thing I'd do.

A thousand regrets I pledged to You
for daring to challenge the things You hate
Now nothing is more precious I dare say
than Your Forgiveness I once put at stake.

Yours truly,

p/s: Pardon me, it's the first attempt in writing crappy poems.