Wednesday, February 02, 2011

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Haha whenever you saw this do you feel like turning into The Hulk and crash your lappy to pieces? Like apahal-nak-private2-bajet-orang-nak-sangat-baca-blog-ni.

Hehe sorry la kadang-kadang minachi emo so dia kunci la pintu sekali sekala tak bagi orang masuk. But now it's public again so no fuss please.

Oh btw, I'm starting to feel like blogging sucks. Well basically everything sucks. Which make me feel like returning to my previous medium, here. Because when you write long posts people tend to misjudge what you wrote and whatnot. Annoying much? I know.

And another baidewey, I have recently realized that people change. Let's just hope that things get better and He helps us along the way.

Can't believe I'm actually saying this but I missed out on my revisions lately and my first midterm is coming up on the 1st March so if we think logically, I shouldn't give any freakin fuss on the dramas and start focusing on things that actually will affect my FUTURE. Sounding like a cute nerd here but guess what, that's what you want from me so that's what I'm changing into. But funny how people tell you to do things they themselves didn't do. Anyways, why bother. Not in my attention anymore. Your future, your game. You know people get tired of drama sometimes, me included.

Oh God I turn to You. I really do. Please please please make these go away, at least for now :'(


yan said...

lol. and i thot i was rejected again from reading friends' blogs. ^^,

zulaikhazainol said...

no honey of course u're always welcomed in this crappy site of mine ;p