Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Sometimes people change, but sometimes the change affects you, in a good way, or maybe in a bad way too. If it affects you negatively, maybe it's God's way to teach you a lesson. Someone taught me something today. The difference between 'silap' and 'salah'. 'Silap' is when you did something wrong without knowing that it's wrong. 'Salah' is when you know that something is wrong, but you did it anyway.

And that makes me wonder, which category does my act fall into, silap, or salah. And then I read a book given by someone, which reminds me again, Allah Maha Pengampun selagi mana kita cari Dia :) That cute book included this verse:

"Except for those who make sincere repentance and believe and act rightly: God will transform the wrong actions of such people into good - God is Ever-Forgiving, Most Merciful " (alFurqan: 70)

Tak kesah la silap or salah seburuk mana pun Dia sudi transform into good, if we repented :')
Mata pedih, hati sakit, buang masa saja. Lagi best kalau masa memedihkan mata and menyakitkan hati tu di spend dengan solat sunat ke masak kek coklat yummy ke nyanyi lagu awie ke joget lagu dalam 10 cakap 1 nombor ke. kan kan kan. Yathink it affects me yaw, yaknow it ain't affect me no more yaw. haha
From now on I will stop punishing myself for things I didn't do, and won't get hurt because of things around me. And live life happily. There is so much more to life than giving attention to things that will only hurt you in the end :)

know how happy i was?
this happy. ahh rindu bola hijau adik slalu lompat2 atas bola tu :(


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