Saturday, January 29, 2011


Well I don't normally give much attention to global and current issues.
But this one, I think we ought to know.
Or at least have a read on what's going on. Here and here. Or other websites on the net.

Never even know where Tunisia is before this until Ben Ali was everywhere in the news.
And until students in London protested, inspired by the uprising events in both countries.

Kalau semua orang Islam bersatu against ruler yang terang-terang salah, one day, padan muka kau.
Ehem2. Tapi Malaysia aman damai je. Why oh why. haha


Stalwart said...

Huhu, what an eye-opening post. Now I'm scared. I hope this toppling down the government thingy wouldn't be so contagious and infect the countries in the fat east, namely Malaysia. You know as much as a reform is generally for the better, there's always a price to pay such as riots, economic paralysis, curfews, violence and not to mention, death. Aside from the time-consuming nature of a reform, it also marks the weak point of a country which could result in foreign intervention. Harap2 la kalau nak reform pun dengan cara yang non-violent. =)

zulaikhazainol said...

true indeed :) if people rise to reformation using violence then we'll go back to what Malaysia once was decades ago. maybe what we should really learn from these two countries is the spirit, not the way people were killed to reach reformation.
btw, keep writing! I enjoy reading your blog :)

Stalwart said...

Yes. Although we might not do anything physically, but deep inside we are burning. So one day when we have the appropriate authority to execute something, then only we'll do it, properly. Hehe.

Thanks, I like yours too! =) Keep on posting eyh..