Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The winter holidays

Have now begin :)

Yesterday was the last day of exams. We went to the city straight after, and gosh it was crowded. Rasa macam raya. People doing their christmas shopping. Terus no mood shopping since ramai sangat orang. urghh

But we were celebrated with a snowy night :)

When I woke up this morning, it was all white and pure. And my morning walk to rifa' was nice despite the falling snow all over my face.

Something from this morning's sharing hit me. In whatever thing we do during the holidays, our time, our energy, our money, will come to an end. Will reach the level zero. However, it's either you put them into a good purpose, or a bad one. Because at the end of this holiday, it will all end. Your money goes to a heart-wrenching sum. Your energy goes kiok as you reached home dog-tired from all the travelling. Your holiday time will obviously end too. So yeah, hopefully this year's winter holidays will be fun and not time-wasting.

Ehem2.For the good purpose, sebagai contoh, spending time travelling all over europe during winter and buying souvenirs for Ika. Now that's a good purpose for spending your time, money and energy. wink2 :p

The only sad thing is I won't be able to join you guys to that thing. I really look forward to it and considering that I won't be going, hopefully you'll have the time of your life this year :)

9am. Today the sun didn't accompany me, but the snow did :)

ramaiiiiiiii >.<' christmas market pun dah start.

And today we received a few friends from UK, we prepared an amateur pasembor, and nasi lemak. Hopefully tak terkurang apa2.

To toncet and jambul, thank youuu for being such a darling, cleaning the house, cooking sambal and whatnot. Love you longgg time :)
By the way toncet and jambul, our *tuttt* session is no time-wasting okay. Penting untuk masa depan tuuu :p

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