Tuesday, December 07, 2010

My new year.

Today's the first Muharram of 1432 hijriyah. What did I do on the first day of the year?
*haha as if anyone cares*

Decided to go to the library. Need to return an overdue book. Headed out in the morning and wanted to cycle. Kesian Gayah *nama baru basikal* lama tak guna. So today I decided to refresh the gears and all. Regang-regangkan rantai basikal. Suddenly when I was about to unlock, beku weh!Diselaputi ice. Tak boleh unlock Gayah -.-" wah stress. Sorry Gayah, I terpaksa jalan kaki youu.

So I walked.Well actually it was more of sliding. Licin. Banyak kali shuffle sorang2. But it was nice. I've always loved morning walks. :) On the way to the library. Saw a group of people graduating. Happy faces, with parents. Exactly what I dreamt of. In graduation robes. Receiving the scroll in the O'Reilly Hall. Snap pictures with mama abah suami depan lake. Lompat-lompat baling topi. Am I able to be like them in August 2014? *eceh monolog pulak*

my worn-out shoes that loves to shuffle instead of walk.

tiba2 nampak.

zoom sket.

Then saw a very weird view. Swans and ducks WALKING ON the lake. WALKING WEH. It's weird because they're supposed to swim IN the lake, not walk ON the lake. But because the lake was frozen, they walked on ice. cute gila!

see the white dots? itulah burung trademark ucd yang sedang berjalan ATAS ais. *ok enough jakun*
see the building behind? that's O'Reilly Hall. Where I'll be graduating in 2014 inshaAllah
ok sila ameen cepat! ameen ameen ameeeen :D

oh yeah baby.

And then when I reached home, somebody messaged, apa azam tahun baru? Time tu baru nak terfikir. I don't actually have any resolution for the new year ahead of me. I guess when you grow old, all you wanted is to be better each year, no need to resolves on anything if that's your aim everyday :) To be closer to Him too. Walaupun selalu fail -.-"

Bila awal muharram, teringat zaman SMAPK, where everyone gathered in the musolla, reciting yassin 3 kali (which I normally dozed off the 3rd time sebab lama haha) and somebody recited doa akhir dan awal tahun :')

Selamat menyambut tahun baru maal hijrah everyone :)

Okay I think I'm high on drugs. The whole day reading pharmaco patho microb mata dah berpinar-pinar. It's 3.39am and I'm off to bed. Nitey pretty people. Much love. Happy Awal Muharram 1432!