Friday, December 24, 2010

371 days.

A crappy post for those who care only. And if you have nothing better to do, seriously. If your housemates told you to eat or sing isabella adalahh, you better go eat and sing instead of reading this crappy post.

Went to the Moroccan embassy today to get my visa done. Trip's next week! Been praying for no delays as we'll be on lotsa flights throughout the trip. After the visa thingy the rest decided to go shopping at the city, and so I went straight back home. As I have stated millions times before that I'm pretty sure I'm sending you off to boredom by saying this again, I loveee morning walks. Just realized that on the way to the bus stop from the embassy there's this big church that looks so beautiful covered in snow. And then with the sun spraying it's light, the snow looks so glittery I think I'm falling in love. Well not in love with the temperature though. Seriously my toes swelled again as I reached home. Sejuk macam doremifasolatido$%%$#@$! urghh >.<"

pretty. sunlight glitters the snow :)

So what's up with the title. 371 days? Yep. That's the number of days I've been away from good old penang and malaysia, excluding the summer holidays. Don't think I'm hardworking and nerdy enough to go count every single day, pakai daycounter sudahh. Of all the 371days, if you ask me to name one day that I enjoy the most, it'll be tough. Maybe because I enjoy every single day, or because nothing special ever sticks in my head for that period of time, or simply because everyday hurts. Have your guess. Since the winter holidays have now started, I'm trying hard to make every second matters, and to make time flies. But as I sat under the blanket waiting for time to pass, it feels like forever. Tolong la cuti cepat habis. I know holidays are fun but if you have nothing better to do, you'll end up staring at your own ceiling.

Believe it or not, in three days, I almost finished reading a book. What an achievement for someone who hasn't been reading for quite a while. It was nice though. Lying under my duvet with music blasting loud, and looking at the window now and then to have a look at the clear blue sky as I read. WOHH bunyi macam jiwang. But whatever, that's what I do most of the times. Eat, read, think.

I have another 1,346 days before I hopefully graduated from here, which would be in August 2014. So 371 days have already waved goodbye without much fuss. Well actually, a LOT of fuss. But let it be. 1000++ days left. Not even sure if I'm alive at that time to receive the scroll.

Happy holidays people! For those of you who're now dispersed all over Europe, may the weather treats you well for your upcoming journey. ameennn~
And to Kak noli, have a blast and enjoy the big dinner ;) Looking forward to see you!

p/s: I love morning walks. Oh wait did I tell you that already? Whatever. I still love morning walks.

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