Saturday, December 04, 2010


Hey here's something most of you don't know.
Sometimes when you feel like reading my blog, you'll find out that it's locked and you need a password to read.
If that happens, that means I'm in a very gloomy mood and emo2 pergi tukar setting blog because silly me thinks that if I shut myself from the cyber world I'd be stronger and not vulnerable.

So yeah, please don't go away. Drop by once in a while if you care, because this blog will never ever be closed by me, only temporarily at times ;)

Anyone reading this, I love you! Seriously I love you. No I'm serious, I love you ,really. With no doubt, I love you. Like seriously, I love you. I love you, no joke. Okay dah annoying gila merepek malam2 (-.-") LOL

Tapi serious, love you pretty people out there! ;) Thanks for sticking around :)

And to my ever-so-understanding mama, I love you always, you know that ;)
Abah handsome I love you too. Missing your wise simple words :)