Monday, November 15, 2010

My Saturday.

Here's to wipe out a bit of the Monday blues, by posting something crappy as always. haha

On the way to the city from a talk at Trinity, and on the way back home from the city, I used the bus, like always, but the only difference was the mood. The 1st bus, I was sitting alone when an Irish girl came up and asked me "How's the study going". I said, "You must be from Trinity, well I'm from UCD", and ended up laughing at the mistaken approach. She taught I'm her classmate in 1st year medicine in Trinity because all Malaysians look the same. So all the way to the city, I had a fun conversation, discussing on how harder the medical course turns out each year, what books I'm using, how much she and I hated biochemistry and all the annoying formulas, yadayadayada. People must have realized how nerdy we are discussing on medical stuff in a bus on the way to the city. By the way, as I get off the bus, I felt happy, because of that random girl. Maybe because we had something in common (ie, medical students) that the conversation changes my gloomy mood :)

Then on the 2nd bus back home, it was raining and wet as I waited for the bus. So when the bus came I hurriedly get on the bus without realizing the fact that I accidentally pushed a young lady in front of me. Well, not pushed, but more or less just bumped into her a lilbit. And she turned back with an annoyed look saying, " Mind your ways, ye don't have to knock me like." (read in an Irish accent). Lek2 la, emo plak die.Oh by the way, tak aci sebab dia potong queue masa nak naik bus.huh. That simple incident changes my mood the whole way back. People in the bus looked at me as if I'm a jerk, pushing people just to get on the bus. Eh ke aku yang paranoid, ntah2 orang tak pandang pun. hahaha

So anyways, as much as I love a ride on the bus alone, because my mind can be elsewhere looking outside the window, I hated the fact that even simple things can hugely affect me. Like that annoying young lady. wek2

Oh well, being bitter at almost everything won't change you to a better person aite? So smile, Eka, smileee :))))

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