Wednesday, November 03, 2010


Tau tak kawan tu apa?
My whole life has been surrounded by kawan.
Good ones, special ones, funny ones, transient ones, short-term ones.
The good ones, they care to drop by and ask how I've been keeping once in a while.
The special ones, they love endlessly and lend me shoulders whenever I'm in need.
The funny ones, they make a gloomy day shine like stars.
The short-term ones, they come and go, dropping by at unexpected times for reasons I don't know.

I know I didn't fall under the good category, let alone being a special friend to anybody.

I didn't put effort to remain in contact with my old friends.
I didn't spend my free time visiting those who needed me.
I forget birthdays, I didn't buy presents.
I used study as a reason to avoid them. Eleh, padahal study ke laut.
And many many bad things, which I supposed, would be a good evidence to strip the 'friend' title off me.

Just so you know, I choose friends. Bukan in a way yang, eh kau tak cool taknak ah kawan kau.
I mean, I choose friends who understand. Understand the fact that I'm an introvert.
I don't share problems like I share "how's the weather today?".

So yeah, maybe you should un-friend me. I might break your heart one day
Nanti mesti one day, God will ask me how did I treat all my friends He gave me.
Time tu baru la nak menyesal tak wish birthday and tanya khabar si A si B si C.sobs

So nak kawan saya lagi tak? Warning: saya kawan yang teruk *tarik idung sendiri skarang*

But I do hope, the friends I have right now, stay with me along the way, love me for who I am, never backstab me, let me have my happiness, and put me in their prayers always :') *amboi demand plak nak suruh kawan kau buat semua tu. kau buat tak?