Thursday, November 25, 2010

Hari bingung.

Today I decided to go to the Locomotor dissection class I missed last week.
And guess what the demonstrator told us,

"Guys, you do know that this is the LAST dissection for your degree right?"

The LAST? Seriously the LAST? No more dissection and cadavers? Awww :(
Ala, baru ingat nak beli dissection kit baru. sobs
(eleh emo konon, as if I enjoyed dissection. pffft -.-")

But on the bright side, no more irritating formalin smell and no more extracting fatty tissue for one hour without succeeding in finding the muscles. yay!

And he told us to do whatever we want to do with the cadaver, not necessarily dissecting the lower limb which we're supposed to dissect. So off we went to study the prosected limbs, kali ni study seriously bersama Nisha Ain and Ida, selama ni masuk lab banyak main je hahaha. And also I said goodbye to my cadaver, the intestines, the spleen etc :( Oh oh and because this is the last session, we took pictures senyap2. hehe padahal gila violate rules, please dont tell the demonstrator who always where shorts -.-"

cadaveric material

Farewell cadavers.I will use the scalpel on live patients next. Muahaha *gelak jahat*

p/s: cadavers are corpse yang diawet for medical purpose. I think so. haha

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