Friday, November 26, 2010

Eka's fun facts

5 unknown facts about eka:-
jeng jeng jeng

1) At the age of 18, she still has a few milk tooth left. That actually causes the dentist to laugh when she visited the clinic to cabut one of them. grrr (-.-")

2) The first person to introduce her to facebook was her mom. She was abnormally outdated as compared to her tech savvy mom.

3) At 14, she doesn't know what simcard is.

4) She actually fainted at unexpected times. And when she's conscious again she'll laugh because she thinks it's funny and embarassing.
e.g: during a site visit to the physio unit and she fainted beside a stroke patient for no apparent reason. probably because of no breakfast kot. bila sedar dia gelak and blushing sebab stroke patient yang sakit dia yang pengsan. hahah

5) When she's silent it means she's mad or she's thinking about food. hahaha

Actually tu muqadimah yang merepek. haha. I just wanted to share this video below actually. Fun facts about our beloved Prophet S.A.W in which most of us are oblivious at.

One of the sweetest video I've ever seen. Those who insulted our religion by drawing silly cartoons of our prophet, you're actually pathetic and uncivilized. Continue insulting us because that makes us stronger to go against you.

p/s: I know the video didnt came out right on my blog. But go watch on YouTube okay peeps. Go here.